Ancient Egypt Mystery and Wonder

A selection of mysterious and wonderful music for documentaries set in Ancient Egypt.

Big Day
  • Mathieu Karsenti
Upbeat and positive orchestral track with an eclectic mix of strings, bells and acoustic guitar. The track builds further with legato strings and a shaker
Changing Horizon
  • Mathieu Karsenti
An ominous orchestral track which starts with steel drum and marimba pulses before building with a cinematic string arrangement, tuned percussion and live drums
Lo and Behold
  • Stefan Fletcher
Upbeat and magical orchestral track which starts with an eclectic mix of woodwind and piano melodies before building to a climax with orchestral drum patterns, driving strings, horns and a marching snare drum
Train Approaching
  • Veronika Hanl
Electronic orchestral hybrid track which starts with ethnic drones and pizzicato strings before building to a climax with uplifting synths and piano arpeggios
Looking For Shelter
  • Mark Anderson
  • Alicia Anderson
  • Nikolaj Bjerre
Ominous acoustic guitar bed which starts with eastern sounding acoustic guitar and layered bongos and congas before being joined by an unsettling synth melody
Lights at Night
  • Veronika Hanl
Eclectic, electronic underscore which starts with ambient textures, a heavy synth bass and guitars before building further with electric piano, reverse synth textures and marimbas
Working Through the Night
  • Mathieu Karsenti
Tense orchestral track with mysterious piano melodies and staccato strings, continuing to build until the track concludes with a string outro
Drifting Minds
  • Stefan Fletcher
Magical orchestral track which intros with a thoughtful woodwind arrangement and soft piano arpeggios before building to a climax with horns, flutes, bells and a cinematic string arrangement
City Beyond
  • Mathieu Karsenti
A playful orchestral track which starts with a melancholic marimba rhythm alongside percussion, bells, electric guitars and cinematic strings before taking a more serious tone with staccato cellos