Coca-Cola Doc - general

A selection of general tracks for the Coca-Cola feature length documentary.

New Ideas
  • Theodore Vidgen
Upbeat and positive orchestral track beginning with staccato strings which are joined by fluttering woodwind, harps and horns as the track builds to an epic climax
Journey Through Time
  • Tom Howe
  • David Jones
Powerful, melancholic orchestral track which starts with thoughtful piano melodies before leading to a grand climax with staccato strings, piano and tuned percussion
The Stars Beyond
  • Theodore Vidgen
  • Mark Anderson
Epic and emotional orchestral track which begins with atmospheric electric guitar melodies and cinematic strings before building to an epic climax with impactful orchestral drum hits, percussion, soaring guitar melodies and a dramatic string arrangement
Bright Possibilities
  • Sophy Purnell
Contemporary Classical orchestral track which starts with soft piano and builds to an inspirational climax with percussion, flutes and soaring vocals
Delving Deeper
  • Tom Howe
  • David Jones
Inquisitive orchestral track which begins with melancholic strings and piano before building to an inspiring climax with pizzicato strings and orchestral percussion
Free Spirit
  • Stefan Fletcher
  • Nikolaj Bjerre
Epic and uplifting contemporary orchestral track which starts with a positive piano arpeggio, rolling toms and staccato strings before building to a powerful climax with live drums, electric guitar and cinematic strings
  • Richard Keyworth
Epic electronic soundscape starting with positive synth pads, piano, vocals and percussion before reaching an epic climax with live drums and a soaring electric guitar melody
Dark Days
  • Tom Kincaid
Piano and electronic hybrid track which starts with a busy piano and synth arpeggio before being joined by electric guitar and a synth bassline, building further with live drums and electronic percussion
  • Richard Keyworth
Epic electronic soundscape which begins with a rich pad and delicate piano melody before building to an emotional climax with live drums and echoed guitars
Wondrous Origins
  • Tom Howe
  • David Jones
Epic orchestral track driven by staccato strings. A marching snare drum, orchestral percussion and bells build to a dramatic climax
No Holding Back
  • Ian Livingstone
Uplifting and motivational Indie track starting with melancholic piano arpeggios before taking a positive turn with electric guitars, bass, cinematic strings and orchestral drum hits
Head Space
  • Stefan Fletcher
Reflective piano arpeggios are joined by nostalgic guitar chords, marimba and bells which build in intensity to create an inspirational chorus
  • Stefan Fletcher
Reflective and inquisitive orchestral track which starts with marimba melodies before being joined by flutes, harmonized marimba parts and strings. The track builds to a determined climax with a triumphant chord sequence
Lightly Does It
  • Tom Howe
  • David Jones
Reflective orchestral track which starts with melancholic marimbas before building to a climax with cinematic strings, timpani rolls, melodic bells and a reflective violin melody