Coca-Cola Doc - Tension cues

A selection of tension beds for the Coca-Cola feature length documentary.

Basement Dreams
  • Lucas Friedmann
  • Sean Hargreaves
  • Nikolaj Bjerre
Alternative Electro/Indie Pop track which starts with a melancholic Fender rhodes and a characterful synth bass line before building to a powerful climax with live drums, soaring electric guitar and synth arpeggios
Hanging in the Balance
  • Richard Keyworth
Orchestral tension bed which starts with an ominous steel drum pattern before building with deep cellos, sparse echo-ey percussion and violins
Driven to Distraction
  • Tom Kincaid
Electronic orchestral hybrid tension bed starting with foreboding drones, throbbing pulses and gritty electronic textures, later escalating with rises, piano melodies, staccato strings and cinematic percussion
Uncertain Communications
  • Ian Livingstone
Tense electronic underscore with futuristic synths, ominous pads and throbbing electronic percussion, tentatively building tension from start to finish
Chromatic Pulse
  • Nikolaj Bjerre
Electronic and percussive tension bed packed with escalating layers of sparse percussion and synthetic textures including shakers, taikos, handbells, woodblocks, gritty rises, futuristic synths, cinematic booms and foreboding drones
Precarious Situation
  • Richard Keyworth
Tension track with live drums, percussion and an ominous pulse bass that builds with cymbals and sparse synths
Turning Up The Heat
  • Richard Keyworth
Orchestral tension bed which starts with an apprehensive marimba rhythm before developing with percussion, bells, a piano bassline and violins
Eleventh Hour
  • Richard Keyworth
Electronic tension bed with ominous sustained strings and a fast paced melodic pulse bass which builds with bells, reverberated synth pads and effected guitar melodies
Putting on a Show
  • Mathieu Karsenti
Optimistic orchestral drama track starting with a simple guitar melody before building to a grand climax with cinematic staccato strings, woodwind and orchestral bass drums
Trouble Brewing
  • Tom Kincaid
Tense electronic orchestral hybrid bed opening with beautiful piano and pitched percussion, later escalating with busy electronic percussion, mallet synths and dissonant strings
Lonely Tunnel
  • Nikolaj Bjerre
Electronic tension underscore with lingering and ominous bass synth swells, gritty electronic textures and eerie pads, discretely building to a climax of electronic beats, uplifting pads and cymbals