Epic Soundscape

Epic, futuristic and foreboding soundscape playlist packed with low drones, gritty textures, soaring guitars and vocals

  • Richard Keyworth
Epic electronic soundscape starting with a lush, evolving synth pad which builds further with a soaring backing vocal and electronic textures
  • Richard Keyworth
Epic electronic soundscape which begins with a rich pad and delicate piano melody before building to an emotional climax with live drums and echoed guitars
The Stars Beyond
  • Theodore Vidgen
  • Mark Anderson
Epic and emotional orchestral track which begins with atmospheric electric guitar melodies and cinematic strings before building to an epic climax with impactful orchestral drum hits, percussion, soaring guitar melodies and a dramatic string arrangement
  • Ozzie Rogers
Tense electronic drama underscore which starts with a sparse piano melody and gritty electronic drumbeat, later joined by glitchy synth textures, morphing chords and concluding with a tense, pulsing bass synth
  • Ozzie Rogers
Tense electronic underscore which starts with glitchy textures, distorted pulsing bass, shakers and a pizzicato string part before layered percussion and synth pads build to a finale
The Last Humans
  • Mathieu Karsenti
Tense, dramatic track with starts with a heavy bass drone and glitchy electronic textures, building to an epic climax with cinematic strings
Future Perfect
  • Richard Keyworth
Epic electronic soundscape which starts with bass and a rich synth pad playing inspirational chords, building to a climax with layered synth lines
An Android's Search For Love
  • Ozzie Rogers
Tense electronic and orchestral underscore led by ticking-clock percussion and fast paced pulses of synth bass, building in intensity with strings and glitchy ambient textures
Rock Climbing
  • RJ McConnell
Positive ambient soundscape with synth pads, shimmering electric guitar and drones later joined by a synth melody and guitar effects to provide texture