Fact-Ent dating show

From "The Undateables" to "Married at first", this playlist is packed with characterful orchestral music perfect for Fact Ent dating shows.

Every Cloud
  • Ian Livingstone
Magical orchestral track beginning with soft piano, marimbas and staccato violins before developing to a climax of quirky percussion, more string layers and clarinets
Sparkling Day
  • Tom Kincaid
Magical orchestral track beginning with staccato strings, bassoons and tuned percussion, later building to a climax of marching drums, woodwind and glockenspiel
Secret Recipe
  • Jordan William Byrd
Magical orchestral track bursting with energetic pizzicato strings and staccato clarinets, later climaxing with marimbas, shakers and flutes
Skipping Around
  • Ian Livingstone
Comical orchestral track opening with a sparse texture of pizzicato strings, castanets and reverse effects, later developing with additional string lines, quirky percussion and legato clarinets
Sidewalk Cruising
  • Lucas Friedmann
  • Hugh Turner
  • Nikolaj Bjerre
Retro Funk track with orchestral textures which starts with a seventies bass and drum groove with funky rhythm guitar before building with bells, piano melodies and staccato strings
Any Time Now
  • Richard Keyworth
Orchestral tension bed which starts with a marimba before building slowly with piano, percussion, bells and staccato cellos and violins
A Puzzle to be Solved
  • Richard Keyworth
Uplifting and positive orchestral track which starts with a positive marimba melody and develops with bells before reaching a climax with orchestral percussion, cellos and piano
Happy Workers
  • Tom Kincaid
Positive and upbeat orchestral track with an eclectic mix of driving staccato strings, melodic bells and a happily strummed ukulele
Our Story
  • Theodore Vidgen
Uplifting and romantic orchestral track starting with piano and harp flourishes, building to a magical climax with flutes, harpsichord, horns and accordion
Making Progress
  • Richard Keyworth
Optimistic and upbeat orchestral track beginning with positive marimbas, joined by piano and bells to build to a big climax with electric bass, echoey guitars and staccato strings
Absurd Curiosity
  • Ian Livingstone
Mischievous orchestral comedy track beginning with intriguing pizzicato strings before being joined by bells, quirky clarinet melodies, harpsichord and sparse percussion
Fool's Delight
  • Tom Howe
  • David Jones
Mischievous orchestral comedy track which starts with echoed percussion and staccato strings before building to a mysterious conclusion with bells and tuned percussion
Couch Potato
  • Ian Livingstone
Quirky orchestral comedy track which starts with comedic clarinet and woodwinds and builds further with sparse percussion and piano
Morning Dew
  • Tom Kincaid
Magical, sweet and innocent orchestral track opening with delicate pizzicato strings and celesta before a magical harp introduces further development with staccato clarinets, marching drums and soaring strings
The Big Day Arrives
  • Tom Kincaid
Uplifting and positive orchestral track which starts with upbeat staccato strings and glockenspiel, building to a positive conclusion with a marching snare drum