High Octane Promo

High Octane tracks for Sports and Advertising

  • 1

    Subterfuge (3 mixes)

    • Tom Kincaid

    Epic contemporary orchestral track which begins with an ominous bass guitar riff and electric guitars before building to an epic and driving climax with orchestral drum hits, live drums, cinematic strings and a powerful horn melody

    • PRS
  • 2

    Guess Who's Back (9 mixes)

    • Richard Kent,
    • David Jones

    Driving and hard-hitting Rock track opens with an addictively gritty electric guitar riff and builds to an explosive jam of live drums, bass guitar, distorted synths and more electric guitars.

    • PRS
  • 3

    Hard Hitter (10 mixes)

    • Richard Kent,
    • David Jones

    Driving, gritty and glitchy Big Beat track packed with punchy live drums, distorted bass synths and Dubstep-inspired beats and synths

    • PRS
  • 4

    Distant Tower Blocks (6 mixes)

    • Jon Duncan,
    • Rachael Duncan

    Cool, chilled and reflective electro pop track with slick beats, bass synth pulses, dreamy pads and catchy leads.

    • PRS
  • 5

    Lost Entity (3 mixes)

    • Tom Kincaid

    Apocalyptic Rock orchestral hybrid trailer track opening with a moody ensemble of atmospheric sustained strings and thudding percussion, later building with staccato strings, live drums and distorted guitars.

    • PRS
  • 6

    Andy's Chance

    • Lucas Friedmann,
    • Nikolaj Bjerre

    Energetic and driving electronic and Indie hybrid track with a catchy synth bass line, momentous live drums, electric guitars, electrifying synths and handclaps

    • PRS
  • 7

    Unbroken Minds (5 mixes)

    • Tom Kincaid

    Atmospheric, thought-provoking and cinematic orchestral Rock hybrid trailer track opening with moody piano, thudding percussion and distant pad textures, later building to a climax of live drums, staccato strings, electric guitars and soaring horns.

    • PRS
  • 8

    Sentient Technology

    • Ozzie Rodgers

    Tense electronic Rock hybrid track beginning with gritty percussion, distant pads, and sparse textures, later evolving into a driving Rock arrangement of distorted guitars, bass and live drums

    • PRS
  • 9

    Don't Mess with the Past (5 mixes)

    • Tony Barnard

    Dark, gritty and cinematic orchestral hybrid track with a heavy metal ensemble of distorted electric guitars, dramatic toms, eerie synth textures and staccato strings.

    • PRS
  • 10

    Up and Over (1 mixes)

    • Alex Livermore

    Upbeat, catchy and motivating electronic dance track bursting to life with an addictive synth hook, thumping beats, gritty bass and dreamy pads.

    • PRS
  • 11

    Gimme Some (7 mixes)

    • Lucas Friedmann,
    • Hugh Turner,
    • Nikolaj Bjerre,
    • Sean Colin Hargreaves

    High-impact Indie orchestral hybrid track kicks off with a powerful guitar riff, sustained strings, bass guitar and drums, later building to the ultimate feel good and uplifting climax including a guitar solo

    • PRS
  • 12


    • Nicholas Robinson

    Glitchy and catchy electronic track with morphed vocals, intense drops, head banging drum machine loops, deep sub-bass and warm pads

    • PRS